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In every industry, other than Hollywood and Advertising, age and experience are highly valued

Builders Arms founder and creative partner, Basil Mina, gives his perspective on what happens to creative talent once the wrinkles and crows-feet begin to set in.

What should a creative company look like in 2018?

We’re approaching our fourth birthday here at The Builders Arms, and the reasons we took that leap-of-faith to set up our own creative company seem to be as relevant today as they were back in the summer of 2014 – maybe even more so.

Are the big agency networks the communications version of Toys ‘R’ Us?

Many years ago, I worked on a toy retail account at the first real agency I ever worked for; That brand was Toy and Hobby. Remember it? Probably not. The agency was BDH in Manchester – now the northern outpost of TBWA.