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Moncada Brewery brand idea

The Moncada Brewery, a growing craft brewery in West London, had an interesting problem.

They had a successful range of beers, Notting Hill Beer, and were about to launch a second range: Blueprint.

The trouble was, the Notting Hill Beer had more name recognition than the brewery that created it. With two brands about to sit under the Moncada Brewery name, they needed it to stand for something.

They asked us to create an ‘Emotionally Relevant’ brand idea for the Moncada Brewery.

The ‘Emotionally Relevant’ idea

The Moncada Brewery from the very beginning did something very different from most other craft breweries out there; they chose West London as their base instead of East London. And that seemed to inform their unique personality.

We took the spirit of their home, the rich history of Notting Hill with its artists, writers, and musicians and we combined that sense of place with the particular environment Julio and his team had created within the walls of the brewery. From the head brewer to the delivery driver they all shared a unique passion for what they did. And, ultimately that inspired our ‘emotionally relevant’ idea.

Above is the platform where we articulated that thought for Moncada (it’s not consumer facing); the idea that would create an emotional true-north for the brewery.

We created a brand new website for the brewery (Click here to visit the site)

Facebook/Instagram film content

Short content pieces that illustrate the passion and commitment of the Moncada Brewers.

Moncada apparel

We also designed a range of t-shirts for Moncada to sell in their tap-room and at beer festivals.

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