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Profoto A1 Launch

We’re proud to have worked with Profoto, the world leader in photographic studio & location lighting, on the global launch of their newest flash – the A1.

We created an ‘emotionally relevant’ idea, and then we executed in multiple channels.

Social, digital display, film content and the more traditional channels of print, poster, collateral/brochure design, point-of-sale – even email newsletters.

This is a truly global campaign appearing in markets as diverse as North America, China, Australia & Europe.

The ‘Emotionally Relevant’ idea

A million speed-lights are sold globally every year (speed-light is ‘pro-photographer-speak’ for on-camera flash). A huge opportunity then for Profoto. The A1 is Profoto’s first ever on-camera solution, but instead of positioning it as Profoto’s first ever speed-light – we positioned it as a Profoto studio light – made small. All their light shaping excellence, expertise, and market-leading superiority shrunk.

Above is the platform that articulated the thinking for Profoto (it’s not consumer facing). The ‘emotionally relevant’ idea that became the true-north for all the consumer-facing creative work we executed across multiple channels.

90 Second teaser trailer for the launch film

We shot US wedding photographer extraordinaire; Sal Cincotta in Manhattan putting the Profoto A1 to the test. (If you’re interested, you can view the full 6 minute film at profoto.com)

Facebook/Instagram film content for the global launch

Sometimes simple wins. A short film for social channels built entirely in 3D.

Teaser trailer for the influencer campaign

Influencers will be vital to the success of the launch. To bring to life the executional idea ‘The World is My Studio,’ eight influencers with large social media followings were recruited from all around the world to create a video to showcase their experiences with the Profoto A1.

To learn more about The Builders Arms contact: Dominic Slade at dominic@buildersarms.com