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Profoto Brand Campaign

Profoto is the market leader. The Mercedes Benz of photographic lighting. They have built the brand on the back of brilliantly designed products, and brand awareness historically has been driven product launch to product launch (we recently helped them launch the Profoto A1).

But in an ever-changing marketplace with new and more inexpensive brands challenging, Profoto had to make a more significant statement to maintain loyal users, secure new users and to justify the premium price point such beautifully designed and engineered products deserve.

They wanted to draw a line in the stand that unequivocally communicated what they stand for in the photographic lighting universe. And that’s where we came in.

The ‘Emotionally Relevant’ idea

Everything begins with a compelling single-minded thought. Our way of communicating the concept to internal client stakeholders is to create a manifesto that brings that idea to life. Above is the manifesto for the Profoto Brand campaign.

It was a simple but powerful thought. Profoto brings the light.

The Profoto Brand Film

The brand film is a celebration of the still image. But more than that it’s a celebration of light. A series of inspirational yet wildly diverse images captured by Profoto photographers across the globe. A demonstration of the inspiration and creativity Profoto lights and light shaping tools bring to passionate image creators.

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