Profoto Pro-11 Launch.

Profoto is the world leader in high-end photographic lighting. If you’re looking at a great image in a fashion magazine or on a billboard, chances are it was lit by a Profoto flash. They are used by the world’s best photographers. We worked with Profoto on the launch of their flagship flash, the Pro-11. This is serious kit for serious image creators, so we teamed up with one of the world’s leading fashion photographers, Camilla Akrans, to create inspirational content for the launch. Above is the taster 60-second execution, and the full mini-documentary is below.

A Swedish Accent featuring Camilla Akrans

Robin's Story


When working with photographers at this level, often the individual who interacts with the equipment the most is the assistant. Of course, the photographer knows the capabilities of the flash, and what they expect from it; but mostly, the assistant is going to do the legwork. So we thought as a part of the campaign, it would be interesting to get the perspective of the right-hand person. This is Camilla’s assistant, Robin – his story.

Profoto Pro-11 Product Film